The Four Food Groups

A pair of vintage train engines spew steam as they carry heavy loads of over-sized lemons and giant celery stalks. A passenger-less cruiser bike flies past towering skewers of steak and floating prawns. Fresh milk is carefully poured into large vats that fuel cheese delivery
trucks. Springy noodles playfully interweave between big impressive ships and a waffle maker.

These are just a few of the tiny details that you pick in the new illustration series, The Four Food Groups, by artist and beer connoisseur Nigel Sussman. Nigel’s worlds are a complex combination of whimsical subject matter and nonsensical machines, brought to reality by architectural principals of perspective and dimension.

There are usually five food groups but Nigel’s collection, there are four: meat, dairy, grain, fruits/veggies. After much anticipation, I bought the collection, framed them and mounted them in my long galley hallway. Friends passing through the hallway often stop and stare at these four dreamlike, food utopias.

Check out the rest of Nigel’s work at and purchase prints at Society6.

Nigel Sussman self portrait.

Nigel Sussman - Red Food Group

Nigel Sussman - Green Food Group

Nigel Sussman - Brown Food Group

Nigel Sussman - Blue Food Group

Four Food Groups Series


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