Guerilla Cafe

Holy moly, I’m in love. I’m usually not much of a breakfast fan but yesterday morning changed my anti-breakfast views. Guerilla Cafe in Berkeley lives up to the hype. Great coffee selection, scrumptious ethnic food, and a vibrant atmosphere. As we strolled through the front door and into the loud, colorful cafe, my early morning mood instantly brightened. We sat at the bar and watched as our meals were prepared in the open kitchen. The staff moved like a well oiled machine, weaving in and out of open flames and boiling pots of water. A long line of plates waiting for garnish kept the line cook busy, but despite the work ahead of him, he meticulously cut and placed each piece of fruit to finish each dish.

The homemade hot sauce is killer, peppers, vinegar and salt. Simplicity at it’s best. And my dish was worth the wait. After one bite of polenta and eggs, I was ready to call Guerilla Cafe my official breakfast joint.

Eggs polenta at Guerilla Cafe.
Mediterranean eggs at Guerilla Cafe.
Coffee bar at Guerilla Cafe.
Breakfast menu at Guerilla Cafe.
Buckwheat waffle at Guerilla Cafe.

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