Miss Ollie’s

Fried chicken has officially infiltrated the Bay Area. Popping up on menus across the Bay, it is becoming as entrenched in San Francisco culture as mustaches and fixies. It comes in all varieties, each place adding their secret touches to spin off on the traditional. Miss Ollie’s in Old Town Oakland has a fried chicken that trumps anything I have tasted in the Bay. A light flakey crust encases the piping hot, well-seasoned meat. The place is very laid back so there is no shame if you have to consistently wipe chicken juices off your face. It means you like the food and it’s just part of the experience.

A perfect mix of Creole and Caribbean cuisines, Miss Ollie’s has a wide selection of rum and makes a mean Cuba Libre. The large windows in the corner restaurant fill the space with natural light, illuminating the serving tin plates that are colored teal and red. Looking around, it genuinely feels like the people enjoy each other’s company – whether it be the diners or the staff. The splashes of color sprinkled throughout the space are a perfect backdrop to the loud laughter and conversion from the bar and tables.

Our colorful plates began to arrive: a pickle plate with a hardboiled egg, a fish plate, a side of dino kale greens, and fried chicken – the kind of home cook meal that just makes you happy (and also the kind of home cooking that I personally cannot cook at home). We topped the night off with a blueberry molasses upside down cake with a dollop of lightly whipped cream. Miss Ollie’s is the kind of place that leaves you with a giant smile on your face, a delightfully full stomach and a few new friends.

Miss Ollie's : Sign
Miss Ollie's : Pickles
Miss Ollie's : Pickles
Miss Ollie's : Egg and Silverware
Miss Ollie's : Bar
Miss Ollie's : Bar
Miss Ollie's : Artwork
Miss Ollie's : Artwork


  1. Having spent many years in the south while attending college and grad school, I fell in love with good southern fried chicken. It is difficult to find authentic fried chicken outside of the south. Next time I’m in the bay area, I will have to check it out. The key to good fried chicken is to soak it in buttermilk overnight. Enjoyed your blog!

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