Leopold’s Gasthaus

A bell chimed throughout the restaurant and a table in the corner erupted in cheers. A giant glass boot that was filled to the rim with an amber colored ale arrived at the table. A scene from Beerfest flashed through my mind – a line of German competitive beer drinkers, dressed in ridiculous team uniforms, chugging the beer filled boots in front of them and the inexperienced American guzzlers that did not turn the boot to the perfect angle ending up with a faceful of beer. But here at Leopold’s, unlike Beerfest, the beer drinking guests come to share the boot and savor the hoppiness that it holds. No one is going to stop you if you feel the need to chug your boot but do not feel obligated.

Leopold’s Gasthaus, on the corner of Union and Polk, has made a name for itself by serving up amazing Bavarian fare and pouring tasty beer. The space is decked out with traditional beer hall decor and does a decent job of transporting you into the Austrian Alps for a few hours. They don’t take reservations so unless you want to patiently wait for your goulash, come very early or very late. If they kindly tell you they are full, just smile because the schnitzel and the shortribs are worth the wait. I promise you. A little known secret is that they are now serving up brunch. Luckily, the San Francisco brunch brigade has not caught wind of this so there is rarely a wait for a table. For brunch they have a flatbread with a farm egg on top that will blow your mind as well as a mighty fine collection of breakfast beers. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?












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