Once in awhile, in an effort to balance all of the kale and quinoa that makes up the typical San Francisco diet, I get that real urge for a good old diner. Hopscotch in uptown Oakland is a place that always satisfies that urge, and then some, by creating classic favorites with a little Japanese influence swirled in. It has all the charm of a traditional diner, without the grease smeared menus and sticky tabletops. The best seats in the house are at a curved granite bar where the bartenders shake drinks all day and night. The expertly crafted cocktails come with intriguing names that beg for background stories, such as Plaid on Plaid, White Pumps, and Corpse Reviver #2.

Some favorites on the brunch menu are the donuts with butterscotch cream, the buttermilk fried chicken and soba biscuits, and the kimchee fried rice. If you sleep in and miss brunch, hit up Hopscotch for dinner, where they are serving killer salt and pepper squid, yonsei oysters, and a burger worth writing home about. Whenever you feel like you can’t choke one more bite of kale down, treat yourself to the fried chicken and a Corpse Reviver. Your stomach will thank you.

Hopscotch Ceviche

Hopscotch Dinner

Hopscotch Bar Stools

Hopscotch Kimchi Fried Rice

Hopscotch Bartender

Hopscotch Brunch Menu

Hopscotch Bar

Hopscotch Drink Mixers

Hopscotch Fried Chicken and Biscuits


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