Food From Yesterday

Yesterday I ate. And before I ate, I took a picture. I guess I am, and have always been, one of those insanely annoying people who snaps pictures of every crumb of food they consume. But it’s what I do, what I love to do. Sure I’m a hypocrite but, truthfully, I shoot my meals because I have a shaky memory and because I think meals are where so many of my great memories are made. To me, glancing back through thousands of macro food shots is like watching my life cruise by on a reel. A juicy, flavorful, reel. But a reel none the less.

I document so that I don’t forget.

And so, when contemplating how to kick this blog off, I couldn’t think of anything better than a giant throwback of the most tasty food and drink that I’ve had in the past year. Here goes.

Bibimbap at My Tofu House.
Radishes from The Girl and The Fig
Beer from Top Hop.
Breakfast at Outerlands.
Venice Beach Wine.