Good Food Awards

Every Saturday morning, the iconic Ferry Building in San Francisco turns into a bustling hub of farmers, foodies, and coffee connoisseurs alike. Hundreds of tables are filled with colorful produce, geometric cheeses, fresh meat, and fragrant flowers. A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday evening, the Ferry Building hosted the Good Food Awards. The Good Food Awards honors the country’s best small batch producers in coffee, chocolate, confections, preserves, pickles, charcuterie, cheese, and spirits. After handing awards out Friday night, the participating vendors set up shop throughout the Ferry Building the following morning. For a meager 5 bucks (+10 for alcohol), the winners’ goods were available to all for tasting until your stomach’s content.

In desperate need of some Saturday morning caffeine, we headed straight for the coffee. In the city, you will rarely find yourself a few blocks from really good cup of coffee. Coming from the perma-caffeinated, SF mentality I was surprised and delighted as I looked down the crowded coffee isle and to see coffee from across the United States: New York, Kansas, Oregon and almost everywhere in between. The beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Columbia, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Every sip was delicious and different.

Chocolate was next – no better way to keep our caffeine buzzes rolling. For me, when it comes to chocolate the darker and bolder the better. None of that milky stuff. A big shout out to Ritual Chocolate out of Colorado and Amano Artisan Chocolate out of Utah. Way to represent Intermountain West.

Coffee, chocolate, now what? We headed upstairs, where the sun was now shining through the Ferry Building’s glass ceilings and illuminating the upper tile floor, and found charcuterie, cheese and spirits. Now we’re talking. Cheddar, chevre, ricotta, blue cheese, salami, cured ham… and all sorts of other wonderful bites greeted us at the top of the stairs. Goat caramels from Big Picture Farm. Sweet, goaty and phenomenal. The rowdy guys from Olympic Provisions kept the crowd laughing with their corny but hilarious meat puns. Finally, we headed for the spirits because there is nothing like a cold, sour Bear Republic‘s Tartare beer on a sunny day. We finished off the food and booze and left the Ferry Building, blown away by the talent and passion that we just experienced.

Highlights of the afternoon:
Bear Republic Brewing Company | Tartare
Pagosa Brewing Company | Chili Verde Beer
The Meat Hook | House Ham
Underground Meats | Goat Salami
Belle Chevre | Pimento Chevre
Bellwether Farms | Whole Milk Ricotta
Amano Artistian Chocolate | Chuao 70% Dark Chocolate
Ritual Chocolate | Costa Rica & Madagascar
Flying Goat Coffee | Ethiopia
Big Picture Farm LLC | Goat Milk Chai Caramels
Midori Farm | Horseradish Leek Sauerkraut
Sour Puss Pickles | Plum Shrub
American Spoon | Wild Thimbleberry Jam
High West Distillery | High West Vodka 7000′ Peach
Catoctin Creek Distilling Company | Roundstone Rye

Heart Coffee at the Good Food Awards.

Case Coffee at the Good Food Awards.

Ritual Chocolate at the Good Food Awards.

Pimento spread at the Good Food Awards.


Meat at the Good Food Awards.

Lakefront Brewery at the Good Food Awards.

Boyd and Blair Vodka at the Good Food Awards.

Gimlet at the Good Food Awards.


  1. Love reading your blog where I can immerse myself in the San Francisco vibe even though I can’t be there! There is nothing better than a sunny Saturday morning at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. Keep up the good work. Hope to be there soon.

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