Chomp List 2013

2013 Chomp List

As some of you know, I am a woman of lists. My little black notebook is packed with them, all kinds of them, usually a hodgepodge of grocery items to purchase, people to catch up with, letters to mail, bills to pay, photos to edit. But one list has been missing since the first of January: My 2013 Chomp List. I wanted to make sure I remembered the places and dishes I’d like to try this year, and a list seemed like the best way. I’ll be adding to it whenever I hear of something that tickles my fancy so swing back every now and then. New dining buddies are always welcome! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and delicious 2013.

Boot + Shoe Service – OAK
Chop Bar – OAK
Daigo Sushi
District – OAK
Helmand Palace
Pretty Please Bakery
Ino Sushi
Local’s Corner
Hot Pot Garden
Izakaya Yuzuki
Pyeongchang Tofu House
Miss Ollie’s – OAK
Duende – OAK
Devil’s Teeth
Rich Table
State Bird Provisions
Swan Oyster Depot
Wise Sons Jewish Deli
Ajanta – BERK
Chocolate Lab


    • Hi Sophia! Are you a veggie? Like all good SFers, I was for about 6 months but failed miserably. I agree though, veggies are a good thing!

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